Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DJ Clark Kent's Black Friday Air Force Ones

With its consecutive releases in 3 different locations along the eastern shore of U.S., the Black Friday Air Force 1 by DJ Clark Kent is by far the most talked about launch on sneaker forums and blog rolls in recent weeks. Composed of rich black pony hair along 2/3 of its vamp with a pearlized silver patent leather on the latter third, the sneaker gives off an appearance of a creature with silver mane in motion. A pre-treated patent leather wrap around along the mid-sole create an iridescent halo when light strikes at certain angle, further enhance the illusion of movement.

In a brief talk during the launch event last Friday, Clark Kent explained the 3 maxim he adhered to during the design process:

As a student of consumerism, Kent knew that black colorway is by far the most popular among buyer, whether it be cars, electronics, or sneakers. It is also the most versatile, with ease of transition from informal to formal, leisure to work.
Because of its prominence in American culture, instead of a sale event, Kent wanted to “liven” things up and make it more interesting for Black Friday shopping
Perhaps the most important focus for Clark Kent during the Black Friday AF1 design process - to incorporate as much lux materials as he can to the design. To add as much value as he can so his fans walk away content about their purchases.


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abw711 said...

Man I waited to get these shoes for hours and I still wasn't able to get them...EXCLUSIVE FOR REAL!!!!

Super Woman said...

im smitten but i know i wouldnt buy them if i even had the chance because of the hair on the shoes. I dont like hairy shoes much. The only hairy shoes i liked so much i had to buy was the zebra skin blazers which i think i lost one in a hotel room (dont ask)